Monday, July 9, 2007

Team Up TwoMountains Takes First Podium Finish!

Press Release: June 24th, 2007

Team Up TwoMountains takes 2nd place at the CRS/FRX 2007 Antioch 1 RallyCross Event!

Jon Burke (driver) and Krista Canfield (co-driver) took their first podium finish this past Sunday in Antioch, CA at the local fairgrounds venue; coming in exactly 1/10th of a second behind first place! Jon and Krista beat out 10 other drivers in their class. SM4 class consisted of mostly Subaru’s, but also included an Audi Quattro and a Mitsubishi Evo.

There were four runs for each group, and learning from mistakes in their first two runs, their third and fourth runs continued to improve. In true stage rally fashion, Jon and Krista worked as a team: Jon concentrated on driving the car to its limits while Krista broke down the course and pinpointed the most difficult sections. Their last run time of 1:22.8 was the fastest lap for their class of 11 competitors.

This is a great mid-season finish for the rookie team as they fight their way back up the ranks of both CRS ( and FRX ( 2007 RallyCross series. Team Up TwoMountains was in second and third place respectively until they missed the last Johnson Valley points event. They now move back up to a third place tie in both series. An overall podium finish is within easy reach for the season and a first or second place finish has potential if their attendance and performance continue at this rate.

The Antioch 1 event was extremely well planned and executed with over 50 participants and all classes were competitive with at least five and as many as twelve drivers. This event was sponsored by XR-1 Performance Lubricants who had prizes for the first place winners of each event. Team Up TwoMountains is individually sponsored by ProjectSoloGear.

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Berg said...

Great work! I wish my lady was brave enough to co drive for me.....or is it im not a good driver? :)